Watch Thee Faction: Live at the BBC

Comrade Engineer (aka Dan Bridge – one of our most esteemed comrades and most approved engineers) took it upon himself to film Thee Faction while we recorded our BBC session last Sunday. So, here we are, doing Deft Left in the BBC Shop, much to the amusement of passers by. Passers by who are now full blooded revolutionary socialists, of course.

It’s been a while since we’ve played – a certain DEG Fox asked us to leave a bit of a gap – but we’re back in action on the 29th April. There’s a Fuck the Royal Wedding party at the Buffalo Bar in North London, and, naturally, they’ve asked Thee Faction to play. Doors open at 20.30, and we’re on at 21.00. So get there early, and don’t be diverted by the bourgeois shenanigans of the ruling class nuptials. Get your tickets in – it may well sell out.


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