Thee Faction: Live at the BBC

Today’s the day, comrade. Seize it, as we will seize the airwaves.

Yup, Comrade Simon Price’s radio show kicks off at 19.00 tonight (Sunday), and it’s going to be rammed full of Thee Faction. Rammed full of us.

Just one more ratchet on  the way to revolution. Onward.


Sunday April 10th. 19:00 til 21:00

BBC South can be found:

On the web

Or on FM on BBC Sussex: 95.3, 104.5, 104.8; BBC Surrey 104.0 or 104.6; BBC Solent (S. Hants/Dorset) 96.1, 103.8 plus local DAB.

You’ll be able to ‘listen again’ too. But you’ll lose some of the impact that way. Radio is a live medium. Embrace it. And, come 21.00, we’ll see you at the barricades.

Thee Faction salute Comrade Price and his listeners. We will serve you up some treats.



    1. Comrade Sultan – the power of our invective was too much. They had to use the weather to create a diversion.

      Comrade Engineer – tremendous video. Just tremendous. We have just sent you an email. You, and your two young comrades, are comrades of the highest calibre. We salute you.


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