Thee Faction seize the airwaves


We have  a lot of news to update you on. But one piece is spectacularly urgent. This Sunday (10th April) Thee Faction will be all over your wireless. That’s right – our most approved medium (the wireless), our most approved broadcaster (the BBC) and our most approved presenter (Simon Price), will all combine to bring you Thee Faction: Live at the BBC.

We need hardly tell you what an historic moment this will be, nor what it will represent in terms of the ongoing war of position we are waging against the forces of capital. As we understand it, we will have the opportunity to unleash four songs, and Comrade Price will be interviewing Comrade Baby Face about our return, and the aforementioned war of position.

As you know, we’ve got to set up a parallel civil society, better and more attractive than that offered by capitalism. As Gramsci taught us, we need to do this by offering our own culture, distinct from ruling class culture. Sunday night will demonstrate what the wireless could be like after the revolution. And you’re going to like it, comrade. You’re going to like it a lot.

So, make sure you don’t miss it. Here are your instructions:

Sunday April 10th. 19:00 til 21:00

BBC South can be found:

On the web

Or on FM on BBC Sussex: 95.3, 104.5, 104.8; BBC Surrey 104.0 or 104.6; BBC Solent (S. Hants/Dorset) 96.1, 103.8 plus local DAB.

See you on the airwaves, comrade. Or at the barricades. Whichever happens sooner.


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