Bee Faction – Brentford Man/Brentford Woman



Brentford FC are on their way to Wembley. A band called Bee Faction have recorded a song to cheer them on. So have a band called The Red and White Stripes. There’s a competition to see whose song is best. In our opinion it is Bee Faction’s single which is best. You would have to have ears of cloth to think otherwise. But judge for yourselves, and vote according to your conscience. You’ve got ’til midnight on Saturday 2nd April to cast your vote.

Bee Faction and Thee Faction are, of course, in no way related. However, coincidentally, Thee Faction do approve of Brentford FC. Aside from their long association with the GMB, Brentford FC were the first professional football club to lend their support to Ed Miliband’s Living Wage campaign. For that we raise our fists in salute. Plus, we remain massively underwhelmed by the trend towards football clubs being the plaything of playboys. Brentford have the West London moral high ground when it comes to this, and, again, we approve of that.

So whoever these Bee Faction people are, we forgive them what we believe is euphemistically called the ‘homage’ to our own Union Man/Proletarian Man, and we support them in their quest to win this contest. Onward Bee Faction. Inward Brentford FC.

So quick, go and vote. And download the single. It’s free.









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