Promo Demotion

We at Thee Faction HQ have been discussing the modern pop “promo clip” of late, as there is shortly to be a war of position “single” from your favourite Reigate radicals.

As we use the tools of the rock band to present our message of economic equality, we must understand how our enemies use the tools of the “rock video”. Therefore, it’s important we understand the clichés of this capitalist record-company/TV bedfellow…

1. Staring in/out of windows. It seems that this is essential: to represent the bourgeois self-important notion of being trapped in your own psyche, you against the world (if you’re staring out of the window) or that the world is excluding you (if you’re staring in). Individualism will be unnecessary in the future. Therefore Thee Faction will not have any windows in our pop video.

2. The band pretending to play in the middle of an unused building/field/airstrip etc. When Thee Faction were young pop videos featuring rock bands would show how successful they were by pretending to play in front of loads of people, or pretending to get her off of/out of ‘Friends’ up on stage to do some pretend dancing with. Nowadays it has to be an empty room to represent your singer’s ennui/angst. There will be no windows and no empty rooms or fields in the Thee Faction rock video.

3. Girl. Sexist of course and these days have to be all spooky(walking through traffic, slow motion, suggesting the unattainable and the past). There will be no ‘mysterious girl’ in our clip.

4. A photo of the above

5. A letter from the above

6. A mirror. See (1)

7. There will be absolutely no water/ocean/rivers/rain cleansing members of the group in any sort of pseudo-poetic way.

8. Cars/Driving: cars are a bourgeois status-symbol of the highest order. Driving is also used as a visual metaphor for escape. We confront. Escape is bourgeois. No cars. Even if it’s raining (Which it won’t be. See above)

9. Running/Walking – we’re not going to be escaping our problems on foot either

10. Hands on face/Jesus Christ pose to indicate emotional scars and/or torment. Clenched fists may be moot as we do it on stage to reflect the anti-fascist salute, but the clenched fist may be misinterpreted within the rock clip format as angsty, so is out.

11. Mountains/Hills/Forests. No bloody Mountains, Hills or Forests.

12. Ironic dance routines to mock dance routines in pop videos. None of that.

13. Funny cameos. These suggest the cult of celebrity (to get your video noticed). Bourgeois.

14. Candles. There will be no candles in our clip. Socialism embraces progress. We used flipping electricity to make the music.

15. Animation. We’re starting a revolution here, not making a kids TV show. Grow up.

16. And we won’t be spending any money on it.

Thee Faction appreciate this limits us slightly. But like Georges Perec – who wrote a novel without using the letter ‘e’ – to restrict should make us more creative. As working people we are constrained all our lives by the forces of capital and the owning classes: we must be cleverer than them.



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