Buy Our Record

It has come to the Guild’s attention that quite a few of you don’t have our record- At Ebbw Vale. We are midway through the production of the new one. It’s full of spanking new songs designed to stimulate revolution in all who listen to them. But until we sell enough copies of At Ebbw Vale, Soviet Beret Records will not have the money to press the new one.

At Ebbw Vale

There are so many reasons to buy At Ebbw Vale:

  • It’s an important historical artefact, representing a moment in socialist history
  • Every song on it rocks like the proverbial. There is no room in our set for some of those songs anymore, so you’re only going to hear them on the album.
  • The sleeve is a design classic. It is our finest visual statement of intent.
  • It is, as The Guardian’s Chris Roberts will tell you, “as good as Slade Alive. Yes, that good.” (more press and testimony can be read at Soviet Beret’s site)
  • The Independent on Sunday strongly believes you need it.
  • It is phenomenally good value. £8.50 gets you At Ebbw Vale on CD and vinyl (you get both!), a free Thee Faction button badge, and all the postage and packing you could hope for.

So, do your bit for the revolution, comrades, and go to Soviet Beret and order your copy. You need this album.

For a four minute preview, listen to this:


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