For our comrades in Egypt


It’s all kicking off in Egypt. Lots of good people, focusing on a better tomorrow, are taking their concerns to the Mubarak regime. As directly as they possibly can. Keep an eye on the Guardian live blog for up to the minute reports from the ground.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case with united fronts these days, good comrades are standing shoulder to shoulder with people who want to take Egypt back to the stone age, in terms of attitudes to women, homosexuality, law and so on. Away with all your superstitions, as the Internationale (in Arabic, above) tells us. You can build something better than that.

Thee Faction hope that the enlightened are in the majority, and that the vision of a better tomorrow they share is a good one. It now seems inevitable that Mubarak’s grim regime will fall. Build something good, comrades. Set a good example. Do the right thing.

Our favourite story from yesterday was the policeman who, while brandishing his stick and his tear gas, told protestors: I’ve got three months left in this job. Then I’ll be joining you on your side of the barricades. As soon as that happens, comrades, you know the old order is about to fall.

So, here from our album At Ebbw Vale is (Don’t Give Up) Rise Up.



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