Balls comes in to bat

Balls has launched the opening salvoes in his war against George Osborne. And they are brilliant salvoes.

You’ll find them in the Daily Mirror. The whole article is brilliant, but here’s a very quick reminder why, even for revolutionary socialists, Labour politicians are just so much better than Tories. Cos they are, in a very limited but clear way, on our side:

“What matters most when times are hard is whether the government is trying to shield you from the storm, or leaving you to fend for yourself.

And what do people hear now from this Tory-led government? “It’s nothing to do with us,” says George Osborne, “It’s all Labour’s fault. You’re on your own.”

His attitude seems to be – if he’s not going to get the blame for anything that happens to the economy, why should he care?

When Osborne or his Lib Dem lackeys say: “It’s all Labour’s fault, we inherited a mess” and “There is no alternative”, what they’re really saying to the British people is: “We’re not ­responsible: don’t ask us for help.”

So let’s destroy those myths, then start holding this government to account for the decisions they take.”

It’s no secret that we love Balls, of course. But this is exactly the sort of fighting talk we want from a Labour politician.

Keep at it Balls. Keep at it. These fuckers will rue the day.



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