Missed the launch of the DDR of RnB?

The launch of the DDRofRnB – London’s newest and finest Socialist RnB club at the Half Moon in Putney – went brilliantly. Lots and lots of comrades crammed into the room, filling it with talk of revolution, music and politics. The Nuns were awe-inspiring, introducing a deep spiritual dimension to the evening. The DJs played some fine tunes. The bars sold some tasty beverages. And then Thee Faction took the stage.

No point in explaining what followed. Needless to say, we asked questions of the comrades in the audience. And they answered them. The cause of revolutionary politics was furthered. The room contained rock stars, right-wing newspaper columnists, and comedians, yet all were chanting that they were ready for the revolution.It won’t be long, brothers and sisters, if Friday was anything to go by.

Watch this space for details of the next DDR of RnB. We can’t wait. If you came to this first one, thank you for being part of something very very special. If you didn’t, we really recommend you don’t miss the next one.

Thanks, as always, to Comrade Sam Veal for all her help, but particularly for her steady hand on the video camera.

Onward, comrades.


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