Just look how much Balls fucking hates Tories. You can see it in his eyes.


Johnson’s resigned. Balls is in. Balls is Shadow Chancellor.

We love Balls.

Don’t get us wrong. Alan Johnson loves his socialism and his R&B. He’s probably a huge fan of Thee Faction. He’s played in passable R&B bands himself. He even hates Tories.

But he doesn’t hate Tories as much as Balls does. Balls really fucking detests Tories. He loathes Tories.

What’s more he has no truck with this deficit nonsense. Or, rather, he’ll have no truck with the idea that public sector austerity is the route to economic growth.

Balls is going to go to war against Osborne, Gove, Lansley and the rest. And we will be following him into battle.

Don’t let us down, Balls.

We love Balls.

Cos he fucking detests Tories.

Oh, and Balls – you’re on the guest list for the DDR of R&B on friday night. Come and let your hair down. You’ll be in good company. Everyone will hate Tories.


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