Thee Faction: the band that got Lenin into the Epsom Guardian

OK comrades, the Epsom Guardian ain’t Iskra. But nonetheless, Comrade Simon Fitzjohn has written a splendid piece in Surrey’s finest local paper on the launch of our new club night – the DDR of R&B, which kicks off on Friday 21st January at the Half Moon in Putney (tickets here). What’s more, he’s chucked in a great big portrait of VI Lenin (the 87th anniversary of whose death the launch of the club coincides with). That’ll get the bourgeois burghers of Epsom choking on their Golden Grahams.

Why has the comrade seen fit to publicise us like this? Some might suspect that it’s because we are from Reigate, but a stone’s throw from Epsom. But we prefer to believe that Comrade Fitzjohn is doing his bit for the Gramscian war of position. On your side, comrade. Once the working class have Epsom’s press, it’s only a matter of time before Wapping is ours.




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