Quick update on stuff

Quick bulletin on what’s been going on:

  • How is the ‘new politics’ working out for you? If you voted liberal, we hope this new way of doing politics that Clegg banged on about is pretty much what you feel you signed up to. We were told we were old fashioned during the election, and that what everyone wanted was a new way of doing things, beyond the old labels and battle lines. It now seems we’re cutting edge, and class war is back in fashion. Didn’t take long. So: are you part of the problem or part of the solution? And which do you perceive Clegg and his gang to be? There’s a clue here, where a Liberal MP decides to lay into a constituent for no apparent reason. Apparently questioning the Royal Wedding being part-funded from the public purse is an inappropriate thing to take up with a government MP. Arrogance of power kicks into action quickly, doesn’t it.
  • Did you see the interview with Comrade Bob Crow in the Guardian? It’s solid gold. Best bit? The interviewer sneering at Crow’s definition of class: Crow calls himself a Marxist, and as such is typically maddening. A lot of what he says makes sense – but then he goes and spoils it by saying something that bears almost no resemblance to reality. His commitment to the working class is passionate, but when I ask him to define the working class, he says, “Those who have to go to work and sell their labour to their employer,” which would apply to practically everyone, including multi-millionaire bankers. Why can’t liberal see beyond the narrow confines of liberalism? It’s boring, and much of the space given to the Crow interview is wasted on bourgeois concerns that are of no interest to Crow, or us. You need to read it, though. The interviewer, the always awful Decca Aitkenhead, seems to be labouring under the impression that Crow ought to have some kind of responsibility to TfL’s customers. Again, weird liberal preoccupations that bear no resemblence to the real world. Aitkenhead is now very firmly on Thee Faction’s list.
  • You might also have missed the news that Britain is now ‘more Thatcherite than in the 80s’. It’s a crap headline, and entirely false. The survey they refer to actually shows that we have no faith in capitalism’s flagship institutions – the banks – and have higher faith than ever in trade unions. But the bourgeois press report it their way, as you might expect.

Antidotes to the above:

  • Come and watch us sing and play. Saturday 18th December we’re playing at the Garage. It’s an Uncle Bob’s Wedding Reception reunion. Should be brilliant. We’ll be playing new songs – the sountrack to the fightback. Come along, listen, and dance. £6 in advance, £8 on the night. Wear your best clothes, as always. Scruffiness is bourgeois.


  • Buy our record. At Ebbw Vale is still available. £8.50 gets you a CD, a free slab of 12″ vinyl, and a badge. If things are getting you down. this record is going to make you feel a whole lot better.


  • Seek out a book called GDH Cole and Socialist Democracy by AW Wright. It’s great stuff. As you know, we can’t get enough of GDH Cole – the sensible extremist, as he tagged himself – and this book is amongst the best we’ve found on him. Might be tough to find, but we got ours from our very favourite left-wing second-hand bookseller: Left on the Shelf. We’ve been buying books from the comrades at Left on the Shelf since it was just an occasional, mailed-out, photocopied list of books. But now they’re online and full of treasures. Check out the ephemera section – if anyone wants to know what to get members of Thee Faction for xmas, we would all love some of those old posters and badges. But we digress – the point is the AW Wright book on GDH Cole. It’s great stuff, and you need to read it.


  • Spend the xmas period gathering together a huge gang of people to bring to our new club: the DDR of RnB at the Half Moon in Putney on 21st January. Treat it as a massive gathering of the clans. Imagine a room full of socialists, all dancing and drinking and celebrating, with Thee Faction on stage, and DJs of the calibre of Billy Reeves on the turntables. An unmissable treat.

That should do you for the moment. See you all on Saturday at the Garage. It’s going to be fantastic.


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  1. Disgraceful letter from Bob “no to disabled mobility mobiles” Russell. I’ll be using my day off to celebrate the Republican cause with other democrats, and will have a tin of Dulux with me, just in case a Bently passes my way…


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