Scottish Socialist Party reviews At Ebbw Vale

Click here to read one of the finest reviews of any record ever written. The fact that it is of ours is a fanastic bonus.

As you know, Thee Faction are not cheerleaders for any particular political party. We recognise the Labour Party as the political product of the labour movement in Britain, and we show solidarity with any group or party of socialists who we believe are fighting against the forces of capital, and for the kind of socialism we believe in and want to see. But we remain unalligned.

All of which is a ridiculous preamble to telling you that the review above is from a comrade in the Scottish Socialist Party. The Scottish struggle is, of course, our struggle, and the SSP work tirelessly up there to battle against The Man. We hope to see plenty of comrades from the SSP when we play at the 13th Note in  Glasgow on the 5th December. But we hope to see plenty of representatives of other groups too. A Thee Faction gig is a celebration of the potential that lies within our class for shaping a better society. The more voices in that mix the merrier, frankly. So if you’ve friends and comrades in Glasgow, or within reach of Glasgow, tell them that they need to be at the 13th Note on the 5th. It’s going to be fantastic.

Meanwhile, read the review. If you enjoyed writers in the golden age of music writing – the Savages, Kents, Marcuses, Toscheses and so on – then you’ll spot the references and enjoy it all the more. If you’re not au fait with those writers, it might be best to read the final page first!

Thanks to the comrade for putting so much heart into writing a review of a record. Few do these days. We salute you. Explore that website and make an effort to listen to their podcast. It’s always straight out of the top drawer.

See you in Glasgow. And buy the record. Click here.

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