Thee Faction in the Independent on Sunday

Did you see Comrade Simon Price’s review of At Ebbw Vale in today’s Independent on Sunday? For comrades outside of the UK, the IoS is a left-of-centre Sunday paper, broadsheet in spirit if not in size. Getting a review in it is a good thing, we think. If we’re going to appear in the bourgeois press we definitely want it to be under the stewardship of Comrade Price. Anyway, read the review properly here. His closing line is spot on: “With a recession, a services-slashing government and a Royal Wedding in the offing, Thee Faction’s “comeback” couldn’t be more timely.”

We aren’t sure why “comeback” is in inverted commas, of course. Perhaps because Comrade Price knows that the comeback is over – the fightback has begun? Yes, that must be it.

Go and buy the album comrades. At Soviet Beret Records. And come and watch us sing and play. You’ll find us at the 13th Note in Glasgow on the 5th December, The Garage in London on the 18th December, and the Half Moon in Putney on the 21st January. More details of these gigs and other stuff can be found here.

Anyway, thanks again to Comrade Price for alerting the bourgeois press to our presence. It won’t be long, comrades, before the bourgeois press is our press. The fightback is well underway.



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