Capital’s Crisis in Cartoon Form

We posted this on our facebook page a few months ago. But it is far too good not to be captured for posterity on our blog too. Comrade David Harvey, our favourite Marxist geographer and close textual analyst of Marx’s Capital, has had a lecture of his on crises of capitalism illustrated by the clever RSA Animate people. What you get is an evolving cartoon explaining, in the most accessible way, why a Marxist analysis of history (and especially the current crisis) is the only reasonable one. It is honestly a brilliant piece of work. Even if you are in that minority of people who shout for ‘less talk more rock’ at Thee Faction gigs, you need to watch this.

Of course, the only thing wrong with it is the soundtrack. It needs At Ebbw Vale throbbing away in the background. Comrade Harvey – if you’re reading this, you can get your copy here. Only £8.50 for the CD, with free 12″ vinyl album, and a badge to be worn proudly when next you’re lecturing the unconverted on Marx.

We hope everyone had a good time at the Historical Materialism Conference in London. We were sorry not to make it. Maybe next year we could provide some evening entertainment for you, comrades.


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