The Curse of Thee Faction: Pickles in a Pickle

As predicted in this very blog on October 21st, not all of the Con-Lib cuts will happen, because ideology is overriding sense.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has lost a court battle over his decision to scrap the last government’s regional housing targets in England .

The move was ruled unlawful by the High Court. No appeal is planned, but Pickles’ Department will regard it as a technicality. (Legislation is to be presented next month).

Housing developers had asked the court to block it, arguing Mr Pickles had abused his powers. What this judgement clearly identified is that Pickles isn’t entitled to make the decision in the way that he did.
Primary legislation should have been introduced, giving MPs the opportunity to debate an issue crucial to future planning in England . Pickles thinks he can just pile in and revoke parliamentary acts. The house-building targets, introduced under the 2009 Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act.

This is typical Tory arrogance and stinks of amateurism. Scrapping targets without anything to replace them has caused widespread confusion.

David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations, said the decision to get rid of the targets was “a hasty and damaging move, which has already seen plans for over 180,000 homes scrapped”.

Note for TV satirists: well done for noticing Eric Pickles is fat, but do a bit more research. He is a class-traitor – he turned against Socialism and joined the Tory party in 1968. He enthusiastically embraced Thatcher’s drive to privatise public services when leader of Bradford Council. He voted against the rights of gay people to adopt and the repeal of section 28 that banned councils from promoting homosexuality. Worst peformance ever by a Tory on BBC’s Question Time when he just wittered on about his second home which is 35 miles from London? How about his department’s chauffer-driven £70K Jag (trading up from the £20,000 eco-friendly Toyota Prius of Labour predecessor John Denham). He is, first and foremost, a hypocrite.


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