The first ever Facebook-era Protest!

Just a brief note concerning the ‘student riot’..

Well, it was a little bit crap but it was certainly better than nothing. Just a few notes on the ‘rolling news coverage’. Not naming any names but there were a few downright pieces of utter bull crap coming out of the TV:
  1. The march was not “hi-jacked” by “anarchists” or anyone else. The live pictures inside the foyer of 30 Millbank were of young people, unmasked: how stupid does Sky news think we are? They were clearly amateurs..(just a tip kids, if you are going to smash up public buildings, don’t take photos of yourselves doing it and then tag them on Facebook)
  2. One snooty right-wing reporter was quoted as saying “they’re not even anywhere near the Tory offices”. Shut up. Yes they were. Very near, thanks. And the police f*cked up.
  3. Same guy on tuition fees  “this was a new Labour policy”. No it wasn’t. We have a Tory government, dammit! And as for “David Cameron is in China” where one of the things he’s “talking about” is “Chinese Students studying in Britain” and speculating whether the pictures would inspire or “put off” the “foreign students” was a new low in British TV Journalism. There you go, Universities, control your students or lose business. Stone me.
  4. Dear Boris Johnson: we do not have a “right to protest”, it was taken from us by Thatcher
  5. Apparently, according to one BBC Journalist (watching the pictures from Television Centre) because “The Socialist Worker newspaper” was being sold on the march that the “violence” had a “political nature”. Well DURR. Students, posh though a lot of them may be, are also entitled to be “Political”. Of course it was “Political” you dolt, it was protesting against Government policy. Stop making it sound like the sons and daughters of the watching Daily Mail readers were being somehow brainwashed by Trots
  6. How odd that Tory HQ was being attacked yet it was the Lib Dems selling out their election promises that became the agenda. Is the the first time an angry mob has attacked Party A’s HQ causing the total destruction in faith of Party B?
  7. Rolling news will eat itself, comrade. It needs pictures and conflict. Add an ‘on diary’ story involving the “Westminster village”  What better to put to put public anger against the cuts right at the top of the nation’s agenda by showing hours of footage of young people smashing stuff up (and right on their doorstep too, the BBC has its “Westminster village” office in the Millbank Tower). Because of its salacious need for coverage of this sort of thing revolt can be turned into style. The revolution will be televised.
Marxism (as a critical tool and an economic realignment) is a better idea. Capitalism is corrupt and inefficient. Today’s other big news story which got somewhat overshadowed: Mervin King, Govenor of the Bank of England says the UK is not going into a “double-dip” recession. But, the cost of living is rising. So there you go, right from the mouth of “the Man’s” man, the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer. We’re so compliant they’re just playing with us now.


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