Erik Horsebalm’s TV review

Sickly Come Dancing
Ann Widdecombe on ‘Strictly’? It turns our guts. Please tell anyone that watches this programme and is tempted to think of her as a mad old loveable aunt that this once Tory minister, Privy councillor and member of the shadow-cabinet is an odious right-wing toad.
So why did she want to go into politics? “Largely it was to fight socialism.”
Let us not forget her disgusting antiabortion speaking tour/film “Passion for Life”.
She is hostile to gay/bisexual/TG equality: “I think it is wrong to promote those sort of lifestyles”; “I do not think that it can be promoted as an equally valid lifestyle to marriage”. Although she has said she is against gay discrimination she consistently voted in Parliament against equal gay rights and government plans to allow unmarried and gay couples to adopt children.
She converted to Catholicism in 1993 in protest against the Church of England’s decision to allow women priests. She is vehemently pro-capital punishment (though how she squares this with her very public Catholicism she won’t say).
She supported a zero tolerance approach to marijuana until it was revealed that the majority of her Shadow Cabinet colleagues had smoked it in the past.
She supports a tough line on immigration.
Margaret Thatcher was, says Ann, “a very outstanding Prime Minister”.
She retains some popularity because most of the press coverage about her has concentrated on her ugliness, her virginity and the fact that she refuses to watch TV, rather than on the fact that she is a twit (Miss Widdecombe is less capable of stringing together a coherent argument than any other right-wing politician we have seen in the last 30 years).
Thee Faction find her world-view abhorrent. Where women are driven back to the back streets when they find themselves pregnant at the wrong time, where gay people are driven back into their closet, where the nuclear family is the only place you’ll find love.
Dance off.

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