Boardroom pay up by 55%. Fortunately, we’re all in this together

A Fat Cat yesterday

With Cameron, Clegg and Osborne’s ‘we’re all in this together’ mantra ringing in our ears like some kind of Tory High School Music finale piece, it’s heartening to see the directors of FTSE 100 companies signalling the pay rises that must be on their way to all of us. Yup, they’ve awarded themselves an average of 55% pay-package increases.

This is a good thing, brothers and sisters. For if we are, indeed, all in this together, we can look forward to our own 55% pay increases before the week is out. And all the tax they’ll be paying on all this additional pay will enable us to retain public services at pre-cuts levels. Marvellous.

Except, of course, we won’t be getting any pay rises, and none of them does pay any tax. Including their friend George Osborne, and Vodafone, who sit happily in the FTSE 100 avoiding their tax bill as much as possible. Sign this petition to protest this nonsense. And buy a Thee Faction record – that’ll help too.

Look. We’re not in this together at all. We are in this. They aren’t. Same old story. And still millions of us fall for it. We fall for the individualist nonsense of the Liberals, with their crap about civil rights and negative freedoms obscuring their unswerving belief in the market as the ultimate decision-maker (moral, fiscal, ideological). And we fall for the ‘natural party of government’ bullshit of the Tories, settling into their cabinet seats as if to the manor born, because they’ve been trained in leading good people into shit situations since their first day at Eton. Did you see them waving their order papers and calling for more cuts in the House of Commons the other day? It’s just sport to them. And not one of these people has an ounce of shame about avoiding tax or taking 55% pay rises, while laying off good, honest people who just want to get through life with dignity. And yet more of that dignity is set to be removed as they are made to move from dignified work into the humiliation of means tested benefits and the stigma of being economically unproductive. The boards of the FTSE 100 companies, and their school chums in the Cabinet? They literally could not give a monkeys.

Tired of all this. So tired of it. We need to mobilise everybody. Now is the time.

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