At Ebbw Vale squeezed into 4 minutes

You’re busy people, comrades. There are revolutions to start and cuts to protest. You know you need a copy of At Ebbw Vale. But there are other calls on your time and money. Would it help if you had, say, all the choruses from the album, squeezed into a four minute soundcloud? That way you could listen to it, you would remember just how much you need this record, and you could click through and order it.

Well, here it is:



Now you realise how much you need the album, you need to click through to Soviet Beret Records. There you will be able to order it. For £8.50 (incl P&P) you’ll get a 12″ slab of vinyl, and a CD, both with the whole 12 song At Ebbw Vale set. And if you order early enough, you’ll get a free badge.

Do it now, comrades. Procrastination is the thief of time. The Man wants you to procrastinate. Defy The Man.


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