The Rent is Too Damn High

Thee Faction have a new Socialist hero. Comrade Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Dam High Party. He’s standing for Governor of New York, and we desperately want him to win.

One look at him will tell you that his record collection is full of Socialist R&B. Just check out those powerful whiskers. One sentence from him  will tell you that he means business. The kind of business Thee Faction mean.

Watch the video. Electoral politics doesn’t necessarily offer us much, Comrades. But it does offer us this: Jimmy Mac, in full flow.



  1. It’s the Socialist thing to do. Reclaim powerful whiskers from the likes of Flashman, and position them on the lips, cheeks and chin of the world’s leading Socialists.


  2. Aye. We’ll try to persuade Kassandra Krossing to grow similar facial furniture. They’re revolutionary whiskers.


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