October Q&A

Here are some pertinent answers to some of the probing questions we’ve been asked so far this month …

Q. When can we get our sticky mitts on a copy of long-awaited album ‘Thee Faction at Ebbw Vale’?

A. Very soon indeed! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates, and make sure you’ve subscribed your email address to this blog.

Q. When can we next see you play?

A. Next confirmed London date is 18th December 2010 (not 2011 – thanks Dee Spatches) – Uncle Bob’s Wedding Reception Reunion, Upstairs at the Relentless Garage. Get your tickets early! From here! http://www.meanfiddler.com/listings/onsale-now/3662/uncle-bob

Our Scottish friends will have less long to wait, as we’ll be playing The 13th Note in Glasgow on December 5th – details to follow.

Q. December? That’s ages! What are you doing in the meantime?

A. Planning, comrade, and striving. Ever striving. Beautiful new works to be announced soon.

Q. Is it true that Kassandra Krossing is knocked up, and Babyface is the Babydaddy? Or has she just been sampling a little too much of her own Kommunist Kitchen produce?

A. Mind your own business.

Q. I’ve recently started dating a pretty girl, only I have a terrible suspicion she might be a Tory. I caught her moaning about travel delays during the recent tube strike, and she’s started wearing her hair like Sam Cam. Should I dump her?

A. You know what Billy Brentford has to say on this matter …



  1. Guild,
    I trust you mean 18th December 2010, and not 2011 as stated. Because, to be frank, that would be a fuck of a long time to wait.
    I remain, etc.


  2. Ssshhhhhhhh Comrade Adi Vines. Ssssshhhhhhhh. Nylons and I spotted that at an early stage of the song’s development. Billy Brentford denies any such influence.

    But yes, it is.


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