The Bullet Cable – Socialist R&B’s essential tool

Thee Faction are not normally given to endorsing products. But every now and then a product comes into our possession which is so good, the world needs to be told. Of course, although suppliers of musical goods have always tried to get us ot endorse their products in exchange for freebies, we’ve always refused. But this product we have here is bought and paid for. And is well worth endorsing.

It’s a Bullet Cable. It’s 30 feet long, when uncoiled. But it won’t ever be uncoiled, because it is its coiledness that makes it so epic. It’s black and white. And it glows in the dark. It is old skool beyond. It has Comrade Wilko written all over it, frankly. It is a tremendous piece of kit.

If you have a guitar, and you intend to play some Socialist R&B, you need one of these. Go and get one.



  1. You’d have to ask Kassandra Krossing. It was a gift. Her attempt to level out the bourgeois nature of birthdays was to buy me a present on her birthday. Today. So I will not ask how much it was. Contact her separately.


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