Quick look at what’s revolutionary or reactionary this week

It’s Monday. Time for you to check in with the Guild and get your instructions on what you are to consider ‘revolutionary’ and what you are to write off as ‘reactionary’.


Socialist R&B Clubs

Brentford  FC backing the living wage campaign

Jim Jones Revue on Jools Holland this week

Nick Tosches – if you’ve never read any Nick Tosches, you need to rectify that immediately

India sticking two-fingers up to the western media and staging an excellent looking games (if we ignore, for a moment, the imperialist nature of the games themselves)

Not crossing picket lines – we salute our comrades in the States

Comrade Nick Stone from Starfish


The slow death of universal benefits

Sneering at striking tube workers

Dressing rooms – they’re bourgeois

Cheryl Cole’s ‘put the white girls through’ policy on X-Factor





  1. Well pressed suits are far from bourgeois, Comrade Monitor. Taking care of one’s appearance, and making sure one is smartly turned out, is proletarian. And socialist.


    1. Hold on. I am fairly sure I saw members of Thee Faction in the dressing room of the Bull & Gate.

      I am also fairly sure that I saw some members in different clothes than they were in at the soundcheck.

      The Lone Sharks, on the other hand, piled out of their Civic of Liberty in the same drinking/gigging suits that they played in and then returned in the same clothes.

      Well=pressed suits are, I give you, bourgeois

      Of course, the whole incident could be a case of mistaken identity or, more possible, a plot by the CIA using doubles


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