Socialist R&B Club Night – Utopian or Scientific?

We appreciate that what the marketing or polling people would laughably refer to as our ‘demographic’ is a fairly unusual one (there is, of course, only one demos Thee Faction is interested in, comrades, and that’s the demos that, when twinned with kratos, gives us democracy)  . To the best of our knowledge there is no tidy code or sexy shorthand for you lot: class-conscious R&B enthusiasts who believe in the redemptive power of rock’n’roll, the pursuit of joy, hope and proletarian revolution, and who understand that to have an ‘analysis’ is the key to understanding both music and society, and that that ‘analysis’ is Marxist or it is nothing.

We know that’s the best way of describing you, but, as yet, the marketing cliques haven’t found a way of getting to you. That’s why we love you, and that is why you, Thee Faction’s comrades, are never going to be the subject of the conquest of cool. We’re on your side, brothers and sisters, unstinting in our admiration of your courage in the face of hegemonic pressure. We don’t want to conquer your cool. We want to channel it: towards the revolution and beyond.

The problem with the comrades in our audience not fitting into any established demographic is, however, that we can’t cut any corners in giving you what you want. We have to ask you directly. And so we have a question for you:

If you could design your perfect Socialist R&B club, what would it be like?

We’re working on the assumption that it would include Thee Faction as the house band. Would it include other Socialist R&B outfits? We’re working on the assumption that there would be Socialist R&B classics welded to the turntables from beginning to end. But would there be variations on the theme? Offshoots of R&B? Soul, early rock’n’roll, disco, NWOBHM, disco? Would there be other entertainment? Socialist comedy? Socialist poetry? Who would be playing the records? What ratio of live music to dancefloor classics would you be looking for? How would you want the night to feel?

Thee Faction are busy planning the ultimate club-night for our comrades. We need your help to design it. This is the People’s night. The war of position depends on you, brothers and sisters, channeling your joy and hope through nights like these. Let’s get it right.

Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or on our facebook page. If we build it, you will come. And watch this space for imminent announcements of the launch. It’s going to be huge, comrades.



  1. Comrade Monitor. Slightly concerned that you see Socialist R&B as ‘limiting ourselves’. Not sure this is the agreed line on Socialist R&B. However, your suggestions contain what we see as excellent subsets of Socialist R&B, and we are keen to implement them.
    Keep the suggestions coming comrades. Negotiations are under way with an excellent venue whose R&B pedigree is exemplary.


  2. Well you know me and my comrades are there obviously but I have to ask one question.

    Why limit yourself to socialist R & B?

    Socialist Cabaret.

    Spoken word, punk, poetry, metal, comedy, R & B, dance, funk, film, oh, and good food would be nice as well.


  3. Guild,
    We have spoken previously about this imminent adventure, and I feel that it can only do good. A blend of live band and dancefloor classics is absolutely what is needed. This will encourage a bonding and a meeting of minds- as Madonna once said “Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel”.


    1. Comrade Ciccione once knew her Socialist R&B onions, clearly. One wonders where that knowledge has now disappeared to.

      I apologise to Comrade Nylons for finishing the above sentence with a preposition.


      1. Comrade,
        “Everybody” was indeed a call to arms, as was “Holiday”. I believe that it was record company and producer pressure that has guided Madonna to the avenue she now perambulates. Personally, I feel that- underneath the Botox and vast quantities of cash- she is still a Woman Of The People. Her constant reinvention and need to stay relevant mirrors the struggle of the proletariat.


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