Ed Miliband joins campaign for a Deft Left…and we remember Keir Hardie

Ed's joined our campaign for a deft left. Will you?

Those of you who were at the Bull & Gate gig on the 18th September will have heard us debut one of Billy Brentford’s new songs: Deft Left. As we keep reminding you, the comeback is over now, and, once At Ebbw Vale is released we hope we can draw a line under the ‘band who got lost behind the Iron Curtain’ stuff that everyone is so fascinated by, and start to properly emphasise the fightback.

The key to the fightback is the formation of a deft left, with visceral heft. As Billy asks us in the first verse: what happened to the anger? It’s not like I remember, when fighting Mrs Thatcher.

Well the new leader of the Labour Party has joined our campaign for a proper, angry, fighting left. As the photo above demonstrates.

Join the fightback. Help us form a deft left. Bring the visceral heft. It’s going to be a key component of December 18th. See you there.

Oh, one other thing to take note of: it’s 95 years to the day since Comrade Keir Hardie died. We’ve come a long way in those 95 years. But not nearly long enough. Remember Keir Hardie and all he did for us – in Scotland, in South Wales and in Westminster. Let’s hope Ed Miliband is also remembering him, and looking to take on his mantle. It’s a massive responsibility, Ed. The project is far from over.

Best union banner ever! Marx, Lenin and Kier Hardie. That's socialist iconography, right there.

Keir Hardie would have loved his Socialist R&B. Of that there is no doubt. And Socialist R&B loves Kier Hardie.



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