Vote Ed Miliband, but build a socialist alternative


Labour Party leadership ballots close on Wednesday. You almost certainly have a vote – if you’re not a member of the Labour Party you’re surely a member of your trade’s union, or a socialist society, or the Co-operative Party, or one of the myriad constituency organisations that make up the Labour Party. Use that vote wisely.

Nick Clegg in a Planet of the Apes mask

The joke doing the rounds in the Party runs thus: “Comrade Ralph Miliband always said that the Labour Party would betray the British working class. So he spawned two sons to ensure that his prophecy came true”.  Thee Faction don’t buy this analysis. It’s weak. Within the narrow parameters of what we believe a parliamentary democratic socialist party can do for our class, we believe that Ed Miliband is the best option. Not because he will deliver socialism. But because he can deliver a left-leaning Labour government. The others won’t deliver a government, bar the other Milibrother, who is just Nick Clegg in a Planet of the Apes mask.

Use your vote wisely. Baby Face recommends the following:

Ed Miliband (1)

Ed Balls (2) – remember, comrades, he absolutely fucking hates Tories. Thee Faction love Balls.

Diane Abbott (3) – our favourite as a comrade, but even she doesn’t seem to picture herself running labour in government; only in opposition

Andy Burnham (4) – he went up in our estimation for a few moments during the campaign, but now is not his time. Let’s see what he’s like after a few more years in the game.

Do not allocate a vote to David Miliband. This is vital. Do not allocate a vote to him. Preferences will be crucial in this race. Make sure he gets none. The right of the Party will give him their first preferences. The rest of us must ensure he gets nothing.



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