Class War

And so it begins. Can you hear the sound of battle lines being drawn? David Cameron has decided he and his class need to fight back against ‘vested interests’ in  the public sector. Those are, from what we can work out, the people interested in hanging on to their jobs, being able to pay their rent or mortgage, and feeding and clothing their kids. Meanwhile, Bob Crow, quite reasonably, couldn’t be bothered to listen to the head honcho at the Bank of England explaining to the TUC why everyone needs to tighten their belts. He told the BBC:

Whose side are you on?

“I’m not going to listen to Mervyn King at our congress. I’m all in favour of listening to Mervyn King after we finished but I believe it is to decide our own policy, our own platform and this is our opportunity to listen to workers.

“I want to hear what workers are going to say about how they are going to resist these cutbacks that are going to take place from the government’s austerity measures.”

Cameron and co, on the other hand, are going to challenge such ‘inflammatory arguments’ about the cuts. So arrogant are they that they’re even happy to accuse the Police Federation of being amongst these public sector vested interests! The Tories might have forgotten how much they’re going to have to rely on the police in the next few months and years. Expect apologies, pay rises, and a return to limitless overtime for the coppers as soon as the bosses turn up the heat in the class war, comrades.

Nostalgia of the Future, in this week’s podcast interview, asked why Thee Faction had chosen to come back now. It’s painfully bleedin’ obvious isn’t it, brothers and sisters? Nothing’s changed. It’s the early 80s all over again. A return to Class War, as declared by the ruling class. Time to knock us back in line.

Except this time we’re going to win. Let’s get organised. And let’s have a good time doing it.

See you on Saturday.


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