Revolution on the Radio

No one listens to the wireless anymore, apparently. It’s all podcasts. So we trawled the world of podcasts to find the right podcaster to entrust with an advance copy of At Ebbw Vale. We shortlisted several, but the clear winner was Billy Reeves’s Nostalgia of the Future. So we contacted him, made sure he wasn’t going to abuse his position, and offered him a CD of the album and an interview with Baby Face. He, understandably, jumped at the chance.

So he picked out five songs to play in full, and fired some questions at Baby Face. And it was released into cyberspace this morning. Click on the radio above to listen.

Some of you will have listened to the clip that Nostalgia of the Future released earlier in the week. This one is different. You get 5 songs in their entirety, and the whole interview. So go and listen. If you’re thinking of coming to the gig on the 18th September, with The Phobics and The Lone Sharks, we can tell you that, perhaps for one of the last times, we’ll be playing the bulk of the At Ebbw Vale set. So (re?)familiarise yourself  with the songs and come ready to dance and discuss. Wear your best clothes. Don’t let yourselves, or your class, down.

The songs Billy Reeves chose to podcast are: Conservative Friend, Getting By on Charm Alone, Don’t Sell Your Consent, Union Man/Proletarian Man and I Can See The Future. Socialist R&B classics, all. Wrap your ears round this stuff, comrades. It’s the soundtrack to the revolution.


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