The Lib Dems come out fighting

The Lib Dems are playing dirty. Thus far they seem to have reneged on our hostage swap deal. But you expect that from the ideological institutions of the bourgeoisie. You can’t trust ’em.

But the real dirty business is happening elsewhere. We detect the influence of Krystina-Prystina Engels, with the propaganda skills she picked up in Thee Faction, within the Liberal Democrat’s press office. Have a look at their latest tweet. It’s got ‘ex-communists at the controls’ written all over it. Clearly the Lib Dems have checked out who Thee Faction are supporting in the Labour leadership race, and are out to destroy.

Cosy liberals? Think again, comrades…

In private, Thee Faction might acknowledge a modicum of truth in the above. But solidarity is solidarity, brothers and sisters. One in, all in. So if the Lib Dems want a scrap with our boy Ed Miliband, they’re picking a scrap with Thee Faction. And with their rep at 12% in the polls, and with At Ebbw Vale just weeks from release,and the Bull & Gate gig less than a month away, it’s pretty clear whose star is on the rise and whose is on the wane. Think on, Liberals…


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