Andy Burnham in being slightly interesting shocker

Crikey! From nowhere, and after everything we said about him, Andy Burnham comes out with his ‘Aspirational Socialism’ manifesto. He uses the ‘s’ word. He says that his Labour Party will be: “Redistributive, Collectivist, Aspirational, Sustainable and Internationalist.” And he envisages a socialism where we get busy “helping all people be the very best they can be, to fulfill their hopes and dreams”.

It’s a 30 page document. And it’s ultra-dull. Which is such a shame, because he really did appear to have pulled something impressive out of the bag here. In this video he starts well. But where is the stuff about destroying capitalism, and securing the means of production for the people that actually use ’em? Anyway, he’s moved from being our second least favourite candidate to being an acceptable third choice. Interesting. These last few weeks of the campaign could get exciting.

BillyBrentford, of course, long ago set out what socialism will be like, in Thee Faction’s classic “4every1”. In the light of this intervention from Andy Burnham, we’ve had a meeting, and have agreed to resurrect “4every1” for the Bull & Gate gig on the 18th September – its first outing for two and a half decades. Come down and remind yourselves why you are socialists, comrades. Cos it ain’t about making sure internships are paid and work experience is properly advertised.



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