Cameron’s Britain – you never know who’s behind you…

Parked in front of us in Wandsworth yesterday was this van. It’s a sad indictment of Cameron’s Britain, brothers and sisters. Where tradesmen used to specialise, and, through guilds and trades’ unions, could protect their trade from casual labour, interlopers, blacklegs and so on,  it now seems that in the British working class, anything goes. It’s clear that, in the depths of this recession, they have simply added additional trades to the ones they had previously delivered, without a care for those who have committed their lives and careers to delivering excellence in that area. What happened to proletarian solidarity, brothers and sisters?

So while you might snigger at these guys offering to bleach your nether regions, that is far from being the point of this post. Think, for one second, about the qualified anal bleachers whose livelihoods are being encroached upon by these cowboys. Capitalism is desperate to see them drop their prices to compete with each other, until the deliverers of top class anal bleaching will have to cut corners in order to survive. Do you want it to be your family’s bottoms that are painted in Tesco Value bleach?

Think on comrades. If it’s happening in anal bleaching, it’s happening in your own trade. Let’s not stand for it. We all know that Guild Socialism is the answer to this. But the only way we’re going to get there is by fighting back against the hegemony of market forces. Join your trade’s union, and protect your trade, brothers and sisters.



  1. Aye. What does that tell you, comrade? Thee Faction and Socialist R&B are the only institutions properly equipped to serve up the truth at today’s all-you-can-eat media buffet. Feast with us.


  2. I see none of the MURDOCH media or the weblogs of other non-Socialist, non-RnB bands have bothered to pick up this story.


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