When ‘Getting By on Charm Alone’ becomes an ambition

Cakes of Capitalism

I’ve just seen this on the Domestic Sluttery blog, and feel compelled to rant a little. For those who can’t be bothered to click on the link, allow me to summise:

“Girls love homewear and wine and buying stuff to impress other girls, and aren’t boys smelly, eh girls? Fluff! Shop! BUY!!!”

This post is written by an adult woman who apparently feels compelled to encourage her fellow adult women to join her in effecting an intellectually-inferior gender stereotype.

And you just know that the woman who wrote this deliberately vapid piece of dross has more than likely had the benefit of a good education and, deep down, knows better than this.

This is yet another horrific post in a blog which describes itself as ‘the home and lifestyle blog for for women who have better things to do’. One can but imagine what these ‘better things’ are … perhaps reading Grazia while watching Sex in the City, buying overpriced fluff on the internet, drinking chardonnay, gorging themselves on chocolate, stenciling flowers on their shoes, and wondering why they are not paid the same as their male colleagues. Multi-tasking – us girls are good at that, eh girls?

May I suggest to my sisters at the charmingly-named Domestic Sluttery blog that they might want to take a break from using their Oxbridge educations to write about lipsticks shaped like cupcakes, and have a read of Frederick Engels’ The Origins of the Family.

I’m off back to the Kitchen to whip up some flapjacks for the boys.




    1. Any idea where I can buy some of those lipsticks shaped like cupcakes, please? Or cupcakes shaped like lipstick.


      1. No idea sorry Pete – although obviously Thee Faction salutes your right to wear make-up. Good on you, my pretty comrade.


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