A May Day Gift to you, Brothers and Sisters

Thee Faction Agit Pop interview May 85

Those of you who came to the reunion show in April will have picked up a copy of this interview (click link above). Some of you might still have a copy from 25 years ago (indeed one of you certainly does, cos you sent it to us back in March). For the rest of you, this is new. It’s an interview we did with Agit Pop fanzine back in 1985, just before we headed off to Eastern Europe.

We didn’t used to do a lot of interviews. ‘Zines and interviewers were carefully screened, and that took a lot of time and effort which could have been put into something more productive. So it was put into something more productive.

As a result, this thing is a rarity. It tells you a little bit about our state of mind, and the state of things, on the eve of our trip East. It tells you a lot about politics, both in the band and outside it. And it might well remind you of what DIY (not EMI) really meant to those of us active in the days before personal computers, mobile phones and the internet. Typewriters, letraset and a carefully cherished network of contacts who kept in touch by letter were our stock in trade.

Halcyon days? No. Rubbish days. Today, comrades, we have the opportunity to seize the means of communication, en route to seizing the means of production. A world of expensive photocopying, expensive letraset and stamps was a world that excluded many working people from taking part in the dissemination of information. Comrade Marx told us that the ruling ideas in any epoch are those of the ruling class. If we seize the means of spreading ideas, we can become the ruling class. The opportunities for doing this are bigger today than they’ve ever been.

This isn’t nostalgia. The comeback is over. The fightback begins.


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