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Band t-shirts are bourgeois

Band t-shirts are bourgeois


At least, this has been Billy Brentford’s conviction for the past few years. Remember the line in Don’t Call on Rock ‘n’ Roll, Call on GDH Cole:

If you wanna end the injustice and the hurt
You’ll have to do better than a Ramones t-shirt:
It’s just a t-shirt

However. These band t-shirts are a bit special. 100% ethically-sourced, hand-printed by members of Thee Faction on the Kassandra Krossin/Babyface kitchen table, and designed by supertalented Comrade CrashCrush. All profits from their sale go towards recording and pressing our new album, entitled …


which just happens to be slogan on the front of the t-shirts. Cool eh? Get ‘em on our BandCamp page, where you can also find some of our back catalogue music too.

We’ll print up a few extra to bring to our special festive show at the Half Moon on 15th Dec, but order yours now if you want to be sure to get it for Christmas.

DDR DEC 2014

New album: Good Politics

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